Each element of the construction, even the smallest, is designed as standard so that it can be obtained anywhere it is needed to complete a building.


Adopting this criterion means the best interaction with the entire supply chain, in which suppliers have the role of strategic partners.

The patented ECADE construction system designs and provides the main self-supporting structure of multi-storey buildings using combined, synergic steel elements – suitably connected by special bolted joints – filled with concrete.


The concrete filling of columns, beams and floor slabs takes place at the same time and does not require special equipment. The main self-supporting steel structure is assembled directly on the site by bolting columns and beams pre-assembled in the workshop; this means that assembly and construction times are short without delays. Formwork and shoring of beams are not necessary.


Filling the self-supporting skeleton with concrete creates a synergic effect that achieves performance absolutely superior to that of constructions in reinforced concrete only or steel only.

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